Update on Mrs. Watwood



Hey guys and girls. On the last post I made about “Concert Cancellation” Becky, Mrs. Watwoods daughter put a comment under it. Since I know some of you are not daily website readers I wanted to put it up as a main post. If you have not read about her then check it out here and here. This little mature lady has been a true inspiration to VW. Please continue to pray for her and her family, they are facing really tough times right now. God Bless you guys. Thanks for your support and prayers.


Hello!!  This is Becky Gay and my mom (Gwynn Watwood) you met on the River Boat. Mom went into the hospital on Dec. 26 and got out a month later.  She went in very dehydrated and vomiting. While we were there, they gave her a new chemo treatment call, Red Devil. Or Chop.  It it has been very hard on her.  The night they started her chemo…she almost died.  The nurse came to me and asked me, “How do you want to let her go?”  And I said, “I’ll let you know.”  I went outside of the hospital and knelt down on my knees.  And said, “Lord, you know in the word, you said you wouldn’t put on us no more that we can bear”  I trust you.  I am willing to give her back to you, if you need her. I went back in.  And the nurse said asked again.  And I told her IF that happens, and when the time comes I’ll have a answer for you.  At 4AM in the morning.  She looked over at me, and said, “HI BECKY!”  I came unglued. I praised the Lord for what he had done.  The week was long and the chemo is exactly what they call it.  Devil…  Another week and half went by.  The cancer doctor came in and looked at mom and I.  And said, “The biggest battle is won…The cancer cells are dying.”  I went absolutely insane!!  I started praising the Lord in that room, took it to the hallway and then on down to the nurses station and they joined in!!  Giving God Glory and Praise.  She’s very weak from the chemo.  I have Home Health Care coming in to help.  This coming week, Feb 3 is her next chemo treatment.  I don’t know what God is going to do next.  He may decide to take her or he may decide to leave her with us a little longer.  But..I know this.  Our God is an awesome God.  Our way’s are not his way’s.  But, goodness gracious….did he ever make me know and realize.  No matter what, He never leaves us or forsakes us. That I know and will forever give him Glory. Mom’s losing her hair, so…I’m getting hats, and scarfs, and wigs.  But, he’s honored the prayer of his daughter and I love him so for it.  He’s given me a little more time with her.  Sorry, it’s took so long to give you an update.  But, so much is having to be done.  And not alot of time to just sit down and write.  But, I so wanted you guys to know how she is doing.  Again…I can’t ever Thank you enough for what you done for one little mature lady on a old River Boat.  Love to you all and May God Lead, Guide and Direct your every step. Momma, sends her love.  Keep working for the Lord. 

                                Love, Becky Gay–(Gwynn WatwoodsDaughter.)