Tivoli Review

I would just love to start by saying that our first time performing at the Tivoli did not disappoint, we had a marvelous time. All I can say about The Collingsworth Family is my my my, they were more than wonderful. To me the best part of the night was that the Spirit of God just lingered in that place. It will definitely be a night that I’ll remember for a long, long time.

We had a special guest at the Tivoli Saturday night, Rhonda Frye from sgnscoops.com was in attendance, and she was so kind to write a mini review of the concert. I am going to post a copy of the review below.

Collingsworth Family and Voices Won Well Received In Chattanooga

Written by Rhonda on August 16, 2010 – 9:41 am

(on site report- Rhonda Frye)

Chattanooga  Tennessee’s “Tivoli Theater” known as “The Jewel of the South” was built in 1921 and renovated in 1989.  History says this Italian Renaissance ”showplace of elegance” was designed to transport patrons into a world of richness and splendor. As beautiful as it is, the cosmetic beauty of the Tivoli couldn’t compare to the richness and splendor of God’s glory as the Holy Presence of God filled the theater- ushered in through the music of the Collingsworth Family and Voices Won. 

It was a special night for Voices Won, a trio of brothers from neighboring, Dalton GA.  In a blog posted on Voices Won’s website, Staclynn tells the story of the Tivoli Theater being the place where God planted the dream to sing gospel music into his heart.  Voices Won quickly won the approval of the audience with sincere dispositions and tight harmonies that only blood relatives could possibly produce.  The brothers sang a variety of songs including “God’s Big Hand” and several other selections from their latest album.  Voices Won “won” the hearts of the audience by singing with only an acoustic guitar to selections chosen by the audience.

With much grace,elegance and anointing the Collingsworth Family took the stage sharing testimonies and amazing talents.  Husband and Wife- Phil Sr and Kim plus their 4 children  sang  together from their collection of music.  The Collingsworth family quickly displayed many talents in addition to singing.  Phil Sr played familiar worship songs including “Shout To The Lord” on the trumpet then Brooklyn and Courtney played several hymns including “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” on the violin.  “Musician of the Year” (2009 Ovation Awards) Kim Collingsworth captivated the audience as she played “My Tribute” on her personal grand concert piano.  With adoration for God seeping from her entire being as her hands graced the ivories, the entire audience was deeply moved.   

The Collingsworth Family transparently shared testimonies of God’s faithfulness and other big news in their lives- such as the engagement of both Brooklyn and Courtney.    Phil Collingsworth fittingly concluded the unforgettable evening by leading the congregation in singing The Doxology. 

Both Voices Won and the Collingsworth Family announced upcoming news.  Voices Won will open for Ernie Haase and Signature Sound on October 16 in Dalton, GA.  Voices Won is planning an Anniversary Singing including “Sisters”, “The Akins”, “Karen Peck & New River” and Mark Bishop for November 12 &13 in Dalton GA.  For more information visit http://voiceswon.com/

The Collingsworth Family is scheduled to release 2 new dvd’s this September one includes a “decade of memories”- A testimony of God’s faithfulness for the first 10 years in Gospel Music. For more music, dvd and concert information visit http://www.thecollingsworthfamily.com/home.shtml