the times are a changin

Definitely a saying that we’ve heard over and over, “The times are a changin”. I just ran across this little article and it got me thinking about jobs and how technology can increase efficiency but decrease actually jobs across the world.

Take what we do for instance. Just a few years ago most gospel groups had a band even if it was just a piano, bass, and drums, but now most of us just carry around a machine that we only have to pay for one time and it  puts out the same consistent music night after night.

This list below gives a few more examples of obsolete jobs that at one time we have loved. Can you think of any more? I would be interested to hear of some that were maybe a little before my time. Also since I brought it up I’m going to include one of my favorite “live” band videos at the bottom.

Elevator operator
Once upon a time, elevators were operated manually and someone had to “drive” them. The operator chose the floors to stop on and had to get the doors to land as close to floor level as possible.

Before electric refrigerators, people stored their food in iceboxes. To keep the iceboxes stocked, icemen delivered 25- to 100-pound ice blocks to homes several times a week.

News vendors and street vendors
Although street vendors are more common in big cities, the times of people trying to sell you things on the sidewalk are passing.

Milkmen used to make dairy deliveries to homes every week. Almost 30 percent of consumers had milk delivered.

Switchboard operators
Switchboard operators used a “cord board” to connect callers by plugging incoming lines and metal pegs into the corresponding hole on the board to connect with the correct caller.

Before computers and word processors became common, typists wrote up office documents using typewriters. If they performed well enough, they usually got promoted to secretary.