The Road Less Traveled

Out of all the songs that we have ever sang “The Road Less Traveled” has received the greatest response. We have had emails, calls, request, and even letters written about this song and how true the message is. Actually a DJ came up to me at NQC and told me he was on his way to talk with Jim Stover (our Crossroads radio promoter) and tell him to make sure he is pushing that song really hard. That was definitely a first for us.

I know the first time we heard the song from the demo we just knew we had to record it. Written by Phil Cross and Elmer Cole you know it is a good song. I remember the day the track was cut and I sang the scratch vocals, David Johnson and Jeff Collins was talking how that sounded like a song “Foxie” would have sang.  Most of you may know who Eldridge Fox was right? Pretty good company if you ask me. Our good friend Diana videoed this song at our Anniversary Singing and I just thought I would share a little about it while you listened.

Blessings Guys