Some Good News

Hey Friends,

I hope that everyone is doing well. I haven’t written in a while but I think this story will make up for lost time.

On Jan.13 VW was singing at a revival service at my home church. During the invitation at the end of service there was an awesome moving of the Spirit. People just kept coming forward. During this time I could see my 10 year old son, Jonah, peeking out into the aisle and I could see that he was crying. Then I saw my wife lean down and start talking to him. She ask him did he want to go pray. At first he said no and sat back down. A little later I saw them talking again and then he stepped out and started walking to the front. I laid my microphone down and met my son at the altar. My wife and I knelt beside him and led him to the Lord. A few days later on Jan. 17 Jonah was baptized.

There have been many really cool things that I have seen and done, but let me tell you right now that nothing compares to this. Seeing someone give their life to Jesus Christ, whether family or not is the greatest thing in life.

I hope this story encourages you, I know that it does me. I hope to see you all real soon.

Reese and Jonah