Let the games begin

Over the weekend Jaron’s son Hunter (#27) started his sophomore year football season with a 27-0 victory over their opponent. Hunter plays for The Heritage Generals and they actually played the high school that my girls will probably attend (shewww……why did I start thinking about that, they’re never going to go to high school :)) The North Murray Wolverines. Jaron was very excited to be in attendance and I was too!!

 Also that next morning my five year old Emma started cheering through the Upward program and she was so excited. I didn’t get to make the game because we left pretty early but I did get to see her all prettied up before I left. You can tell by the pictures that she had a ball and did a great job cheering. We’re so proud of her!!

So the point of all this is we took some pictures and wanted to share a few. Of course you won’t be able to see all the pictures because well, we’re crazy parents and we take way to many, but you can enjoy a few of them here. Blessings to you all and have a wonderful week.