Last Fishing Trip

A few years ago I wrote a tune named “Fishing Trip.”  The lyrics to the first verse and chorus are below.  The day I started writing the song, we were scheduled that evening to sing at a Wild Game/Men’s Fellowship Supper at Antioch Baptist in Calhoun, GA.  I thought it cool for us to have a little novelty song about fishing or hunting to sing that night.  The first verse of the tune is about a preacher getting up on a Sunday Morning raring to go fishing for men.  The first verse and chorus were actually written about the pastor of Antioch Baptist, Dr. Woody Lee. 

Brother Woody always loved to hear us sing and was an awesome preacher.  For the last few years Brother Woody fought a courageous fight against cancer and we were saddened by the news of his passing around Thanksgiving.  My brothers and I went to the visitation for Brother Woody learning that although he had cancer, his death was unexpected.  He actually passed away during a chemo treatment.  Just before this wonderful preacher of the Gospel, battling throat cancer, died during a chemo treatment, he was WITNESSING to and encouraging a lady sitting beside him taking her first treatment.  Minutes before he died he was still “fishing.”  Brother Woody passed away minutes later after his last fishing trip.

What a testimony and what an example.  It is easy for us to “go fishing” when the weather is clear and no obstacles in our way, but it gets tough when there is rain and storms in our forecast.  I want to always tell of the goodness of God and what He can do regardless of my circumstance or condition.  Brother Woody, thanks for being the subject to write the song “Fishing Trip,” but thanks most of all for the Fishing Lesson.

The lyrics to the first verse and chorus of Fishing Trip are…

It was a bright and sunny Sunday Morn
He woke up early before the alarm
He was excited and prepared for this all week
As his wife poured him a cup of joe
He said “I’m excited” she smiled “I know”
He couldn’t wait for the time for him to leave

I’ve got a fishing trip planned today
That’s the reason for the smile on my face
I pray that the Lord will show me the place
And when I get there I’ll use the right bait
In the big big ocean that is full of sin
I know by His help I’ll reel a good one in
Get’em in the boat let the cleaning begin
And if there’s time start over again