There are many reasons why we sing. I know for the three of us the most important reason is we all feel we have a calling on our life to share the gospel with as many people as possible. One of the other reasons would have to be this man right here, B.C. Faulknor.


We call him Papa. He is 83 years young and such a precious man. I’ve often heard Jaron say, “if I could be a quarter of the man he is, I would be a good man”. Papa has been an ordained preacher for many years and has been pastor or assistant pastor for many churches. The saying is so cliché, but he has a true heart of gold. He would definitely give you the shirt off his back if he though you needed it.


The pictures shown in this story were taken last Sunday night at Harrell Street Church of God, which is one of the churches he was assistant pastor at. To those of you that have met him you know why we like having him around. If everyone was as excited about our singing as he is the whole world would be fans and there would never be an empty seat or dry eye at any concert. Papa always tells us “you boys cause my eyes to make water”.


To have a heritage like him is truly a blessing and honor. This particular night we invited him up to sing “Supper Time”, and after seeing him lose his wife and our Granny of almost sixty-three years it’s really hard to hear him sing that second verse.  But through all of his loses and disappointments he continues to be a great man of faith and he knows his treasures are in heaven. I just want to encourage you that if you’re at one of our concerts and you see him, go up and say hey. You’ll probably hear, “I’m B.C. Faulknor and these are my grandsons singing”. What a blessing he is!!