Fan Awards Top 5

Well to all of the daily Internet readers like me, the Singing News Award nominees were announced today and unfortunately we didn’t make the Top five in the Horizon group category. What do I say to that you may ask? “There’s always next year!!”

It’s simply amazing to us that out of all the groups in our industry we could in be in the top ten, much less the top five. We have been very blessed and consider every vote a blessing and simply just icing on the cake. God is so faithful to us and our hearts desire is to achieve the main goal and lead as many people to Jesus Christ as we possibly can.

Again thanks so much for those of you that voted for us, it is truly an honor. Also keep your Singing News Subscriptions valid, because like I said “There’s always next year!!!”

If you want to see the full list of finalist you can here. [EDIT: Sorry, the page was taken down!]