Due In April

On Labor Day weekend most of  our family went up to Pigeon Forge and stayed together in a cabin. Lacey and I had been holding in one of the most exciting things a family could share together for almost four weeks. So on Saturday morning at breakfast I walked in with Lacey already sitting at the table and told her that I had a gift for her, so I took out this necklace with the words turned around backwards. So when Lacey turned the necklace around, and after a few awkward moments of confused looks the whole table erupted with laughter, tears, and excitement!

I thought it was about time that I shared this awesome news with everyone. We are actually going today, which will mark our twelfth week, and we are going to hear the most amazing thing ever….the babies heartbeat. I will definitely keep you all updated on Lacey’s and the babies progress…. And yes we are finding out the gender, we are too young to play it old school. So please pray for us as we enjoy this new endeavor.