Driving with NO broken bones!!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my youngest son Hunter’s broken hand and his driving.  You can see that post  here.  Since that time Hunter turned 16 and acquired his actual driver’s license.  On the day of his 16th birthday he also got his first car – a 1996 Ford Explorer Sport 4 wheel drive SUV.  He named her “The Beauty”.

Hunter had his first accident earlier this week totalling his vehicle having it only 19 days.  The picture below does NOT come close to showing the severity of his wreck.  I am writing to tell of the Goodness of our God.  The only explanation as to why our family did not spend time in the hospital or the funeral home this week is the Wonderful Mercy of God.  The only physical signs of the accident left on Hunter is the abrasion marks on his wrists from the air bags deploying.

Hunter is doing good…a bit shaken up…but alive and healthy.  To God be ALL OF THE GLORY!!