Driving with Broken Bones

As most of you know, I always give my brothers the business about their kids being so much younger than mine.  Joking I say, “I am almost finished.”  Shantell’s kids are ages 11 and 4 while Staclynn’s are 5 and 2.   My youngest is 15 and finishing up his Freshman year in high school.  Sandy and I are already planning our empty nest celebration cruise for 2013.

Hunter loves school, plays football for his high school team, AND has his driver’s permit.  Please allow me to tell you all… I am eating my words…I am NOT almost finished.  I now ride in the passenger’s seat with a 15 year old learning how to drive.  Please Lord help me.

Now the latest, spring football practice started last week. The second day of spring camp Hunter is tackled and broke his hand.  That’s right second day – broken hand.  Did I mention I have been eating words?

Hunter sporting his cast

Micheal and Eric are already grown and moved out and Hunter is not far behind.  Time flies by so fast.  What I would give to trade driving with broken bones for bottles and diapers again.