Danny, Karen, Mark, and Devin Talk

Man ole Man, what a weekend we had! Our 8th Anniversary was one of the best to date. Friday night we had The Crist Family and Regina Rodgers (mom), and Saturday night Karen Peck & New River and Mark Bishop. Of course we were there both nights too. We also had some very special guest stop by including our Emcee Danny Jones from Singing News,  Jeff and Vickie Collins from Crossroads, and a great promoter friend of ours Robert and Carol York just to name a few.

We were able to finally “coax” a few of our performers to say a few words about us and our singing. We hope you’ll take heed to the words of Danny Jones and join us in 2010. We’re not 100% sure of the talent well except Mark Bishop of course, but we are sure of the dates Friday November 12th and Saturday November 13th. Thanks so much for everyone’s support of a great weekend, can’t wait until next year!!



Danny has a good point!!!

We knew they all loved us. Well……kind of!