Blessings On The River

The Southern Belle has always been one of the more fun and relaxing concerts that we do. We usually get there pretty early and set up, all while going back and forth by the peaceful running waters of the Tennessee River. It’s just always been something fun and different for us to do, plus the food is good too. But on October 12, 2009 God wanted to remind us of the importance of our jobs as ministers/evangelist of His gospel.


That night seemed like normal to us. The trips are pretty much on schedule once we leave the dock, dinner is served. We go through the food line first, because after all we’re the singers!! Hey it has its perks. Usually about forty-five minutes into the trip we start singing. Our set was normal and the crowd seemed to enjoy the songs. One thing we like to do on the boat is a “request” part, where if we know your favorite song we try to sing it. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. I’m just being honest here.


This is when our night began to change. Songs like “Beulah Land”, “Amazing Grace”, and many other typical favorites were requested. Then the dreaded song “I’m Winging My Way Back Home” was requested by this little more mature lady. That has always been one song that has always scared me, the parts go everywhere plus you need a bass singer for, “I’m climbing each day” and “to glory divine”. You know the song. So we ask “is there’s a bass singer in the house?” Usually after a little coaxing we can get a guy up to sing a few lines. But this guy wouldn’t budge. So this little more mature lady the same one that requested the song said “I can sing the bass part”. So you know what we said don’t you? “Get on up here!”

 Mrs. Watwood

Mrs. Watwood did wonderful! We were all amazed at how well she did we had never heard a women sing bass. Matter of fact we liked it so much we did a little of “Have a Little Talk with Jesus”, it was good too. We were so excited and Mrs. Watwood was too. She just kept telling us how much she enjoyed herself. So I leaned over to hug her neck and that’s when it happened.

 Hug Mrs. Watwood

She whispered in my ear “I’ve enjoyed this so much, please remember me next week when I start my chemo”. My heart was broken, but immediately my spirit mind was turning. As Mrs. Watwood walked away from the stage Jaron and I made eye contact and he knew something was up. So I turned to my microphone and asked the audience “how many of you believe in prayer? And how many of you believe that God still works and is still on His throne?”  At that point Jaron took over and lead the congregation in a prayer especially for Mrs. Watwood.


You see we showed up that night for our last Southern Belle cruise of the year, but God showed up to deliver a message to one little mature lady of encouragement and peace. Not to mention all of the other people on the boat that night that needed exactly what we got too. Just a few days ago we received this email from Mrs. Watwood’s daughter,


“Hey guys!!  Here are the pictures I said I’d send.  I want to thank you for

what you done for my mom on the River Boat.  God had big plans for that

night and I didn’t even know it. You just never know what God is going to

do, do ya?  You’ll never know what that meant to her and me.


Don’t forget to pray for her.  She starts her next round of chemo on the 21st and 22nd.

I’ll be going and staying with her.  We enjoyed hearing you sing.  We’d

never heard you before, and it was just delightful.  You guys have amazing

talent.  Again…Thank You for letting her forget her problems that night.

She hasn’t quit smiling yet.  I may have to get her some mouth surgery

before the chemo. Lol.  May God Bless you and yours. 

Becky Gay and Gwynn Watwood.”


Becky was so kind to send us some pictures of that night, so I’ve posted a couple of them here. And will you do us a favor and remember Mrs. Watwood in your prayers. I know Becky will keep us connected with her and her situation. God Bless guys, and remember when your situation is bad someone else always has it worse.

Mrs. W 2