Shantell Staclynn Jaron

Three brothers raised to know and accept Christ, along with their genuine love and respect for Gospel Music, make up the members of Voices Won. Families sing together, but it was evident from the start that God worked out many details and, in fact, His hand was upon this Ministry.

In 2000, Jaron, Shantell and Staclynn became “Voices Won.” Since the group was organized, they have sought God’s guidance for their ministry. Not only are the brothers effective singers, but they are aspiring songwriters, as well. Jaron is the oldest of the siblings and sings Tenor. Not only is he a singer, musician, and songwriter, but he also answered the call to preach many years ago. He loves to tell about God’s Blessings and Grace, and does not take for granted the opportunity he has been given. His love for Jesus Christ and enthusiasm for singing shines through when he steps on stage.

Shantell is the middle brother and sings a solid Baritone. Not only does he love to sing, but also proudly displayed a love for his country while serving in the Air Force for four years. You will be uplifted and blessed as Shantell sings God’s praises with utmost joy and deepest sincerity.

Staclynn sings Lead and is the youngest of the brothers. Staclynn knew he wanted to sing from a very young age. Voices Won is not his first experience traveling and singing Southern Gospel Music. He also sang with “Malachi” and “Jericho.” He sings with a purpose and intensity that comes from his trust in Jesus Christ.

Voices Won is a dedicated group of men who live what they sing and believe in whom they sing about. Their dedication focuses on seeing the lost come to know a life changing Savior, and encouraging those who need a friend in darkest night.