A Weekend Off

Hello everyone. I was thinking this morning about letting you guys in on a little of what a “weekend off” would mean for us and a little of what we’re doing this weekend. So I’ll start with Jaron. As most of you know Jaron is a minister and he has a church in St. Petersburg, FL. that he preaches at usually every six to ten weeks, depending on the group’s schedule. Now that’s not to say that he and his wife Sandy don’t go down early like this weekend and make a trip to the beach while the weather is still nice. If every family had beach bums ours would be them two. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about his sermons and their travels in the future. Now if Shantell and his son Jonah didn’t go bow hunting this morning they are probably working on Jonah’s motorcycle for his race in the morning. Jonah rides his dirt bike for competition, they have races in the area about every three weeks or so. Shantell hardly ever gets to go and really enjoys the trips with his family when he’s home. A lot of times the races are close and early enough that they make it back to morning church service, But if his family is not at the morning service you can bet they make it that night. Now for me, my weekends off vary. But if I have my way during NCAA football Lacey and I usually make junk food and watch games. And for the record I’m a UT Vol fan at heart, but any good game I love to watch. Today is a little different though, I’m watching Emma and Addisyn and football while Lacey is shopping. I’m also excited about taking my family to church in the morning, and getting to sing in the choir. I go to practice most Wednesday nights but hardly ever get to sing. Well I hope this gave you guys a little of what is going on here since we’re off. We are all open to suggestions from you about what you would like to hear and see more of or about. Thanks so much for your support and prayers; we’re really looking forward to meeting you out on the road somewhere.

Blessings in Christ,