A Sad Christmas

Every year in December a local funeral home has a special memorial service inviting  families that have lost loved ones during the year.  As well as being dedicated to the memory of those that have passed, the service offers comfort and help to  families coping with their first Christmas season without their special loved one.  The evening consists of music, preaching and fellowship.

For the past seven years my brothers and I have been honored to sing for this service.  This year 600 people or so were in attendance.  You could see the pain on so many faces.  Every circumstance and situation imaginable, from elderly Mothers and Fathers passing to just 2 weeks prior losing a 16 year old son in a tragic car accident.    All were sad and all are facing a sad Holiday Season.

This year at the close of the service, a little boy who I am guessing to be 6 or 7 years old,  came to the platform handing me a picture he had been working on the past hour or so.  The drawing said “Jesus” very creatively.  While thanking and hugging him I asked “did you lose someone special this year?” To which he replies, “my Dad”.  My heart broke for him, but also at that moment I was convicted to be in prayer for his family and also others suffering such grief.

If you or anyone you know have lost someone special this year, please let us know by commenting on this post or emailing us directly.  Our families and readers will be lifting you up in prayer during this Holiday Season.

All of us have and will experience the loss of a loved one, and all of us have and  will experience the first Christmas without them.  Although the sadness and hurt are great,  His Grace is sufficient.