A Morning with Emma and Addisyn

I hardly ever share things about my kids so on this post I would like to share a email that my wife Lacey sent me this morning. It’s a conversation that she had on the way taking my two girls Emma and Addisyn to school. When she sent it to me I laughed until I cried, and maybe it’s just one of those things that only the parents get. Who knows?

 The Email goes as follows………..

 This morning Staclynn made a comment to Emma saying “you are getting so tall…are you going to be a basketball player?”

Addisyn joined in saying “I am”…and that’s all that was said until…….

 In my car on the way to school…

Emma: Mommy where is the rocker one?  (that’s what she calls one of the songs on the new Lady Antebellum CD)

Addi: He ran away (talking about our sister Natasha’s cat Rocket)

Emma: No I asked mommy where was the rocker one (back to the song)

Addi: I said he ran away!

Addi: mommy am I going to play basketball with Daddy?

Lacey: no baby that is not what daddy said

Emma: Momma, where is the rocker one, I want it (still the song)

Addi: HE RAN AWAY!!  Mommy do I get to play basket ball with daddy?

Lacey: no baby, we don’t have a basketball.


Addi: ooh it stinks

Lacey: what stinks, what do you smell (seriously there was nothing)

Emma: it is Burger King (there is no Burger King around and we never eat there)

Addi: no Emma it is green beans!

So we get to school and walk in Addisyn’s class room and she tells her teacher: I am going to play basketball with my daddy!!!

Does anyone have a basketball we can borrow…?

My car rides are so entertaining in the mornings.

I would love to hear any stories from your kids or grandkids like this. I’m so amused by these stories and again maybe it’s just the dad in me. I would also like to give kudos to Lacey for remembering this converstion so well.

Blessings In Christ