A Dream Come True

Most of you know that we are huge fans of gospel music, growing up seeing groups like Gold City, The Cathedrals, The Goodmans, The Bishops, The Singing Americans, and many many more. There was also another group that we got to see from time to time that we really liked, The Trailblazers Quartet.

Our uncle, Ray Faulknor, is one of my biggest influences and sang bass for many years with The Trailblazers. In 1989, right after we moved to Georgia, they recorded a live video at The Tivoli Theater. I can remember so many things about that night and one thing that I can vividly remember as a 9 year old boy sitting there in that theater was I knew that I wanted to sing gospel music, and it has always been a dream of mine to get the opportunity to sing on that same stage.

There have been several experiences that have been dreams come true for me, like for instance getting to share the stage with people like Clayton Inman, Mark Bishop, The Booth Brothers, and Brian Free. Getting to sing at NQC (even though we haven’t made the big stage yet) or signing a recording contract with a company like Crossroads. I’ve had many dreams realized for me and this week I will get to add another.

This coming Saturday night, August 14th @ 7p.m., we are opening a concert for The Collingsworth Family at The Tivoli Theater. Finally I will get to sing in the room where my original dream was planted. Needless to say I’m very excited! Psalms 37:4 says to “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”. I must be doing something right because He has been so good to me, of course I know He loves us all the same. Hope to see you there!!

We do still have tickets available for this concert; contact@voiceswon.com