Our 10th Anniversary Concert- Friday Night

For the past few months we have been working on the talent line up for the Voices Won 10th Anniversary Concert. Since this is our 10th concert we have decided to make it a special year for us all. We have two big nights planned and if it all works out I believe you will […]

Happy Birthday Staclynn!!

Hello everyone. Today is a special day in the Voices Won family. The youngest of the three turns 31 today! How many of us would love to see 31 again? There is no doubt that Staclynn is a great singer, but he is truly dedicated to the Cause of Christ and loves his wife and […]

Our January Snow

Well we were all a little sceptical of what the weather man was telling us, but this time they were not joking.  Somewhere in the early morning on January 10th it started snowing and at my house there was at least 8 inches. This was our biggest snow since 1993 and we are excited. So once my […]

Last Fishing Trip

A few years ago I wrote a tune named “Fishing Trip.”  The lyrics to the first verse and chorus are below.  The day I started writing the song, we were scheduled that evening to sing at a Wild Game/Men’s Fellowship Supper at Antioch Baptist in Calhoun, GA.  I thought it cool for us to have a […]