The Basics

We are excited to finally announce that we have “The Basics” in hand. So if you’ve been waiting to hear the official word go ahead and order it. Thanks so much for being patient with us, this project has been a labor of love. I would like to mention that this Friday night October 8th, […]

Sound Clips

Just wanted you to know that on the main page top right corner of our website you can listen to short sound clips of the new album, The Basics. The album is also for sale in our store, but there will be a delay if you go ahead and order them. We can’t wait for […]

Driving with NO broken bones!!

A few weeks ago I wrote about my youngest son Hunter’s broken hand and his driving.  You can see that post  here.  Since that time Hunter turned 16 and acquired his actual driver’s license.  On the day of his 16th birthday he also got his first car – a 1996 Ford Explorer Sport 4 wheel […]

VW Store and Update

Hey for those of you that have been trying to make purchases in our store we’ve been having some technical difficulties. I’m happy to report that the problem has been taken care of and we’re all good to go. So basically what I’m saying is go over there and buy something……Ha Ha!! Also another quick […]

Update from NQC
Let the games begin

Over the weekend Jaron’s son Hunter (#27) started his sophomore year football season with a 27-0 victory over their opponent. Hunter plays for The Heritage Generals and they actually played the high school that my girls will probably attend (shewww……why did I start thinking about that, they’re never going to go to high school :)) The North Murray Wolverines. Jaron was very […]

New Pictures

Hello all. I posted some pictures from The Tivoli concert. I think our photographer was a little bias so there’s only three of The Collingsworth Family……….ah well they sing at big theaters all the time. Ha Ha! Hope you enjoy our pictures, check them out here.

Tivoli Review

I would just love to start by saying that our first time performing at the Tivoli did not disappoint, we had a marvelous time. All I can say about The Collingsworth Family is my my my, they were more than wonderful. To me the best part of the night was that the Spirit of God […]

A Dream Come True

Most of you know that we are huge fans of gospel music, growing up seeing groups like Gold City, The Cathedrals, The Goodmans, The Bishops, The Singing Americans, and many many more. There was also another group that we got to see from time to time that we really liked, The Trailblazers Quartet. Our uncle, Ray Faulknor, is one of […]


If you remember a weeks ago I wrote about my then 15 year old son named Hunter and his broken hand.  Thank the Lord the hand has healed.  Well, Hunter turned 16 this week.  He is a proud owner of his first automobile.  Prayer life has an entirely new meaning.  Anyway, if you are within […]