All the Gold in California

At the place where we had Jaron’s birthday supper it was karaoke night so we decided to try and sing this song together. We listened to The Gatlins a lot growing up, loving their songs and most of all their harmonies. It was really fun for us to sing this song togther. I do realize that all […]

Jaron has a Birthday

Hey everyone I just thought I would put a notice up that Jaron is turning 1 more year older today. I am very thankful for Jaron, he has been one of the most important people in my life, and he’s not bad at song writing or singing tenor either. Looks like we’re going to one […]

Guess What Year?

So I couldn’t resist putting this picture up. Jaron was helping my cousin tie his tie for his sister’s wedding. He may very possibly kill me for this. In his defense though, he has always stayed with the current style, whatever that was then. The comments on the post do come in order so we’ll […]

Free Download Again

Hey just a bonus for you, Crossroads is offering free downloads of some of your favorite artists’ latest radio singles. Including people like Ivan Parker, The Talley Trio, Doyle Lawson, Phil Cross, and some others. Of course your favorite of all, Voices Won!! All you have to do is sign up. So click here and […]

God Calls Us All

Well this is not a video of us in the studio but it is a video of “Won” of us. Shantell’s church has a television program called “A Moment of Truth” and before each sermon they show a video from groups within their church. Well they asked Shantell to do a few songs so he gladly […]

In The Studio

Hello all. I certainly hope everyone had a good Memorial day weekend. We had a pretty good one ourselves. None of us really did a whole lot but just had some much needed family time. I just thought I would let you all know that we were in the studio today and will be tomorrow. […]