Some Gave All

I’m really thankful to live in the greatest country on earth. So many times I take for granted the freedom and liberty that we have here in the United States of America. I thought about this song today it’s by Billy Ray Cyrus. I know I know…but it’s a good story and a strong reminder […]

Taking Requests

Alright, I’ll have to admit that the sound quality and lighting aren’t the best on this video, but for those of you that have never been to a Voices Won concert this is part of what we do. Usually at some point during one of our concerts when we have enough time, Jaron will take […]

A Racing Story

If you have been around Voices Won much, you have probably heard me talk about my son, Jonah, racing motorcycles. Saturday, May 22, he entered a six-hour team race with his friend, Laska Gaddy. They won first place in the 65cc 2 stroke 10-11 year old class. Together, they completed 30 laps at 3.2 miles […]

Driving with Broken Bones

As most of you know, I always give my brothers the business about their kids being so much younger than mine.  Joking I say, “I am almost finished.”  Shantell’s kids are ages 11 and 4 while Staclynn’s are 5 and 2.   My youngest is 15 and finishing up his Freshman year in high school.  Sandy and […]

The Interview

Hey guys. Our good friend Daniel Mount over at posted an interview that he did with us a few months ago and I thought some of you may want to read it. I do have an idea though, after reading it if you have other questions for us maybe just some random thing you […]

Fan Awards Top 5

Well to all of the daily Internet readers like me, the Singing News Award nominees were announced today and unfortunately we didn’t make the Top five in the Horizon group category. What do I say to that you may ask? “There’s always next year!!” It’s simply amazing to us that out of all the groups in […]