Fan Awards

Hello everyone. I just wanted to take a second and remind you to vote for Voices Won in the Singing News Horizon Group award, the ballots are in the May issue so don’t forget to send them in by May 7th. Thanks so much for your support. We love you all!

Promises One by One

I’ve had this song on my mind for a few days now. One of the greatest promises God ever made was when He said “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you”………..Wow!! Hope you enjoy! If you want to, post some of your favorite “promises” below.


Ok, so we’ve had this site up for about five months now, and I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s not like many other sites on the Internet. We want YOU involved in what we do! So out of all the previous post so far, what do you like to see the most? Do you like the […]

Easter Pictures

Well we finally got all our Easter pictures together and thought you may want to see them. Easter is always exciting and this year was no different. Hope you enjoy. Here’s a quick link or just go to our “pics” page and look under family.

“Arise My Love”

“Arise my Love”, written by Eddie¬†Carswell,¬†has to be one of the most powerful Easter songs ever. I think it’s a combination of vocals, musical instruments, and most of all lyrics. Praise God! He Is Risen! I’ve included a video of this song, and this video contains scenes from the movie “Passion of the Christ”. I […]