“Because He Lives”

We always get so excited when it comes to the Easter season. What Christian wouldn’t?  So this year we wanted to share a little “off the cuff” song just for you. Hope you enjoy!

Daniel Mount Reviews “Something for Everyone”

Hey, our friend Daniel Mount over at southerngospelblog.com reviewed our latest CD “Something for Everyone”, and I just wanted to share it with you all. Let us know your thoughts and if you agree with him. P.S. Personally I’m very excited about his kind words. CD Review: Something For Everyone (Voices Won) Posted by Daniel […]

“Home Free”

I’m very saddened today; there are two lovely ladies that have directly and indirectly affected my life. These ladies have gone on home to meet our wonderful Saviour. One is a lady from my church and from a family that is very close to ours, Mrs. Sybil Bailey. The other I received confirmation last night […]

A Morning with Emma and Addisyn

I hardly ever share things about my kids so on this post I would like to share a email that my wife Lacey sent me this morning. It’s a conversation that she had on the way taking my two girls Emma and Addisyn to school. When she sent it to me I laughed until I […]

Singing News Horizon Award

Well hello folks. I just wanted to share a little good news with you all. We found out yesterday that Voices Won has been nominated in the top 10 for the Singing News Horizon Group  Award. We are so excited!! If you would like to see all of the top ten nominees you can visit here. […]

A Special Place

I had the opportunity to go see Gold City the other night at a church about five miles from my home, and every time I see them I can’t help but think about the day I got saved. The day that I absolutely know Jesus Christ came into my heart and an instant change was […]

Some Good News

Hey Friends, I hope that everyone is doing well. I haven’t written in a while but I think this story will make up for lost time. On Jan.13 VW was singing at a revival service at my home church. During the invitation at the end of service there was an awesome moving of the Spirit. […]