Singing “He Arose”

I saw this clip today and just had to share it with y’all. I wish we had some videos of us singing as kids, but I’m pretty sure a camera was not in the budget.  Hope everyone had a great Valentines day and go lots of chocolates! Also on another note this coming Saturday February 20th we’re […]

The Booths and The Faulknors continued

Wow, what an awesome time we had with The Booth Brothers Saturday night at Crosspointe Christian Centre in Dalton, GA. We have always been big fans of theirs, well pretty much for  the obvious reasons. You know because Michael and Ronnie are brothers, and Jim fits just like a brother. Plus they’re a trio and […]

The Booths and the Faulknors

If you are in driving distance of Dalton, GA, then Cross Pointe Christian Centre in Dalton is the place to be on Saturday, February 6th.   You can see and hear together Voices Won and the Booth Brothers.  The brothers and I want to extend a special invitation to each of you to be a part […]

Update on Mrs. Watwood

    Hey guys and girls. On the last post I made about “Concert Cancellation” Becky, Mrs. Watwoods daughter put a comment under it. Since I know some of you are not daily website readers I wanted to put it up as a main post. If you have not read about her then check it out here and here. This […]