Merry Christmas Mary

Last year we sang at a Christmas concert and had our good friend Trey Starnes come and play the piano with us. This was the song that Jaron chose to sing. This is a great song with a great message. Hope you enjoy. Merry Christmas!!

Shopping Nuts

I’m just curious how many of you are “black Friday” shopping nuts? I can tell you that my mom keep my girls while Lacey and I started about 10p.m Thursday and got home about 6 a.m. this morning. I also know that Jaron was out in Ohio until at least 3 a.m. If you went […]

CD review of The Basics

OK, I think we have all recovered from the Anniversary singing last weekend. Man we had a blast! This was one of the best years we have had and we are so thankful for God’s blessings on us. I would also like to thank each and everyone of you that came out and supported our […]

Anniversary Singing- Karen Peck & New River

Last but not least we want to introduce you to Karen Peck and New River. We have all been huge fans of Karen Peck since her days with the Nelons. To be able to host Karen at our very own concert is still amazing to us. Karen, Susan, and new comer, Jeff Hawes, make up […]

Anniversary Singing – Mark Bishop

Our 9th Anniversary Concert is almost here.  Staclynn has told you about the two new comers this year.  Please allow me to tell you about old faithful, Mark Bishop.  Mr. Bishop has performed at all of our Anniversary concerts and returns this year on Saturday night.  It would not be a Voices Won Homecoming without […]

Anniversary Singing- Sisters

I’m sure to most of you this name sounds new but it’s really not. Sisters consist of three sisters Kim Ruppe Lord, Heather Ruppe Day, and Valerie Ruppe. So do  you see a pattern? Each one of these girls at one point or another sang with their mom, Brenda in a family group called The […]

Anniversary Singing- The Akins

Since this year at our Anniversary singing we are having a couple of groups that you may have not heard perform yet, I thought it may be a good idea to go ahead and introduce them to you. It seems easier to warm up to new groups when you feel like you already know them. […]

the times are a changin

Definitely a saying that we’ve heard over and over, “The times are a changin”. I just ran across this little article and it got me thinking about jobs and how technology can increase efficiency but decrease actually jobs across the world. Take what we do for instance. Just a few years ago most gospel groups […]

Addy Update

Trust everyone is having a good Thursday.  Just a quick update on Addisyn.  She came through surgery wonderfully and the doctor said everything went just as planned.  Thank the Lord!!  Staclynn and Lacey  survived as well.  Thank you all for praying.  Check out the picture of Addy in her cap and gown…she is the cutest! […]

Special Prayer Request

Hello to everyone.  The Voices Won family has a very special prayer request to share with you.  As you know Staclynn and Lacey have 2 girls.  Addisyn, their youngest, is 3 years old and suffers with upper respiratory infections, tonsillitis, and even has trouble breathing at night while sleeping.  This Thursday morning (10/14) Addy is scheduled for surgery to have her […]