Hey just a note to let you know we’re traveling to Crossroads in Asheville, NC in the morning to cut some of the tracks for this “Basics” project we’re doing. Please keep us in your prayers and just in case we don’t get to update have a Happy and Safe New Year. “Blessings  from Him […]

Voices Won- The Dancing Elves

  Thought you guys may want to see this!!! Merry Christmas!! Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Song Ideas?

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share some exciting news with you and also get your opinion on the matter. We’re starting a new CD at the end of this month; it’s not a CD for radio or big tracks just a CD of the “Basics”, so we’re open for suggestions. For a little incentive […]

A Sad Christmas

Every year in December a local funeral home has a special memorial service inviting  families that have lost loved ones during the year.  As well as being dedicated to the memory of those that have passed, the service offers comfort and help to  families coping with their first Christmas season without their special loved one.  […]

The Girls Dedication

Some of you may or may not know me and my family yet. I’ve been married to Lacey over seven years now. We have two girls, Emma who is four and Addisyn who is two. I’ve been blessed beyond all measure to have these three girls in my life and I honestly couldn’t imagine my […]